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The Issues

Dan Slater is passionate about Orange and protecting its future for ALL residents...not just for today, but for generations to come. With so many challenges and opportunities, facing Orange, Dan is an independent leader dedicated to putting residents first and bringing transparency and integrity back to City Hall.

The choice is really black and white.


Public Safety

Public safety begins with a strong police force. Fully funding The Orange Police Department is Dan's top priority. But public safety is also about code enforcement, maintaining public parks and open spaces, and ensuring our rules and regulations are enforced.


Orange deserves a leader who stands up to special interests and ensures everyone plays by the rules.

We are a city built on truth, goodwill and friendships, and if Orange residents demand it, we can once again be a city

that is fair and beneficial to ALL concerned. 


Dan recognizes that ALL our neighborhoods need protection from negative outside influences like traffic, property theft and violence.


He will work to get the unhoused and those experiencing mental health crises the help they need while protecting our neighborhoods with zero tolerance policies for lawless behavior. 


Orange residents have been kept at arms-length as City Hall leadership favors insider interests over residents.


Housing & Jobs

Whether it’s housing affordability, encouraging business growth, or promoting excellence in our schools and universities, the first priority needs to be the well-being of our residents and not City Hall insiders.

​ Orange needs a leader who can build coalitions and make our voices heard.

We simply cannot approach them in the same old and

tired fashion of the last 20 years.

Our Mission

Preservation of Remaining Open Spaces

Just as important as preserving Old Towne, Orange’s next leader must find a way to preserve and retain our precious few remaining open spaces.

Orange citizens have spoken! Now Sully-Miller finally needs to be cleaned up.


Critical issues that will affect Orange residents for generations  must be approached with transparency and inclusion.


Orange residents need a leader who will listen to their concerns and shares their belief that, together, we can build the best version of our city.

We need to ensure transparency at City Hall, pull back the curtain and embrace our community's most valuable asset...its people.

There is no evidence to show that our elected and appointed leaders will listen to the community. How often can this city council vote against the best interest of its residents before the residents finally say, “ENOUGH!”?

Fiscal Integrity

Dan Slater is a business owner and a fiscal conservative who will make the wisest decisions with taxpayer’s monies, including increased oversight of government employee compensations and benefits. 

The taxpayers of Orange deserve a leader who is looking out for them, not wasting our money on connected political friends or City Hall cronies.


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