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The Slater for Mayor Campaign Held Another Successful Fundraiser!

On Saturday, 5/14/22, the Slater for Mayor campaign had its next fundraiser! This one was fiesta themed and had a taco bar and margaritas! Dan Slater would like to share a few words regarding the event: "We had another successful Slater for Mayor fundraiser Saturday evening! Everyone had a great time too. Kudos to the generous hosts and all the volunteers. Stay tuned for the next one, to be announced." Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday and for making the fundraiser another major success! We hope to see you all at the next one!

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Mr. Slater. At no point in this site of yours did you actually outline what you recommend for the city of orange. Platitudes, nice nice, and puppies is wonderful but what do you actually plan to do? So I'm going to sum my concerns up in one simple question that is conspicuously absent here on your page: on the ballot will you be under the Democratic party, the Republican party, or some other listing?

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