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Dan Slater Attends Meeting at El Camino Park. Orange Police Department Needs More Support!

It comes as no surprise to anyone who lives in the City of Orange that there is a problem with the increasing number of homeless people.

Dan Slater attended a meeting last night at El Camino Park and would like to share some thoughts on the matter:

Dan Slater: "Over 100 neighbors attended and expressed frustration with camping, illegally parked RVs, blocked sidewalks, public defecation, urination, vandalism, trash and personal attacks by homeless people. The Orange Police Department and city staff are doing a heroic effort to address the problems but they are clearly understaffed and overwhelmed.

City hall is not providing enough resources to help them.

The city hasn’t added ANY new sworn (those who can enforce the law) police officer positions since 2005.

Orange deserves better!"

And that is exactly what the City of Orange will get when We the People elect Dan Slater in 2022!

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